Is it possible to change the colour of multiple tracks

When I try by selecting them all it only changes the bottom one. And I can’t see any way of making it so that when a track is moved into a coloured folder, the track takes on its colour? I’ve checked all the preferences and manual to no avail.

  • Using the Color picker tool, all selected tracks should be colored to the color you choose in the Color picker tool.
  • Using mouse scrollwheel plus a modifier key held down (like SHIFT) on the color stripe of a track, only that track will be changed in color,
    although you have multiple tracks selected. (which is a flaw in design IMHO).

Hope this helps !

  1. In the Project window, you MUST deselect all events or parts – just click in the track area where there is no event to deselect all events.
  2. Select ALL the tracks that you want to colorize – hold down the shift while selecting tracks to select multiple tracks
  3. After you have done the 2 steps above - there are at least 3 ways I know of to then choose your color: 1) On the Cubase menu - Select the “Project” Drop down list and click on “Colorize Selected Tracks”. The "Colorize Selected Tracks” popup opens, this is cool because it stays open so you can colorize several sets of multiple tracks. 2) you can pick the color from the left zone inspector, OR 3) you can pick the color from the tool bar On the Project window toolbar, select “Select Color for Selected Tracks or Events”. The Colorize pane opens.
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Thanks is there a way of making it so that the track takes on the colour of the folder when you move it into a coloured folder ?


I would like to know that answer as well, being able to do that would be really helpful, I have not found a way

What happened to the option “use color of track for all selected tracks”? That was a great feature and I want to have a word with whoever took that out.