Is it possible to change the "label" color of the switches when clicked in the MacroPage?


I thought it should be very simple, but for the life of me I can’t find a way to accomplish this.
What I want is for the color of the Label text on a switch to changed when the switch is clicked (when it is on the “On” position). Like this:

(this is a photoshoped image just so you can clearly understand what I want to accomplish)

I tried to edit those Switch templates by inserting another switch element, a variables element and a stack with two label elements, one with a font color and one with other font color, and it works but only partially, meaning that the color of the label changes when the switch is clicked but the bitmap of the switch doesn’t change anymore and remains in the “off” position, like this:


Any ideas?

If you added another switch you may need to activate the ClickThrough property otherwise the top switch may block the mouse click getting through to the other switch.

But there is also another way. Simply create a stack and export the value property to the template.

Rename the template parameter to match the switch (and also the led).

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Yessss, it worked! :partying_face: Thank you so much! :hugs:

For some reason I don’t have the ClickThrough option available. On the Switch - HALion Macro Page - Steinberg Developer Help page it says that they implemented this feature in Halion 6.4 and although I have Halion 6.4 installed this option is missing. Weird! :thinking:


Anyway, the method you suggested is much better and easier to implement.


The latest version is 6.4.40

I just updated to the 6.4.40 and the ClickThrough option appeared. Which means that they actually didn’t implement it in the 6.4 version like it says on that Steinberg Developer Help page but rather in a later update. Anyway, it’s good to have that option available cause it might be very useful in some cases.