Is it possible to change the length of a note so that it moves up the following note?

I have a score open with one bar in 4/4 time with a quarter note on each beat. If I want to change the 1st note in the bar to a half note I would “cmd” click the half note button in the toolbar and it changes to a half note but the note doesn’t move the other notes up to make room for it. is there a way to do this?

This is what I have:

This is what I want:

Can anyone help me with this? Right now I have to select all the notes and move them up before I can lengthen any note in my score and it is a lot of extra work to have to do this each time. There must be a way to lengthen a note without manually moving everything up first. I have revised the manual but there is nothing that can help me. Anyone?


In the Left Zone switch from the Symbols tab to the Inspector tab. Open the Length tab. Select the 1st note and set the Scale Legato to 100%.

Thank you. I have done what you said but now what? Here is a simple score where you can see I have made the settings you said:

When I change the highlighted 8th notes to quarter notes they overlap into the next note, the other notes don’t move up to accomodate the new note length
see here: