Is it possible to choose multiple midi note rows at once?

Can I choose multiple lanes/rows of notes at the same time from the piano, in the piano roll editor?
Also is it possible to simply choose a row/s notes (all same note C1 for example) from the piano in the piano roll, without having to press command?

Example: In another daw its a mouse click on the piano note (c1) and it automatically selects that whole row of notes. If I wanted 2 or more rows of notes I select the first note on the piano gui, hold shift and select another note.

Very efficient. I hope to be able to do this in cubase.



What exactly do you mean, please? Are you talking about the Lanes from the Project window, or what do you mean by the “lanes/rows”, please?

You can either Ctrl/Cmd + click to the virtual keyboard on the left side of the Key Editor to select all MIDI Notes of the given Pitch or you can Shift+double-click to any MIDI Note to select this one + all following MIDI Notes of the same Pitch.

Or you can use the Logical Editor:

Filter Target
( Type is | Equal | Note | And
( Value 1 (Pitch) | Equal | C1 | Or
Value 1 (Pitch) | Equal | C#1 ))

Action Target


Appreciate it . Heres a gif demonstrating what I mean. If it uploads.

Same note from piano roll virtual keyboard. In Logic its simply : select the virtual key on the virtual keyboard to select all of that same note. Select a note and hold shift to select another whole row/batch/lane of notes

Uploading: Logic midi editing possible in cubase 1.gif…

Logic  midi editing possible in cubase 1


No, this kind of range selection is not possible in Cubase. Sorry.