Is it possible to choose specific measures to compress?


Apologies if this is already answered else where, but I can’t seem to find it.

I’m working on an orchestral piece and using compression for some of the winds and brass. I’ve been playing with the compression settings under both Cmd+Shift+N and Cmd+Shift+L (I’m on a Mac), but regardless of what I toggle in here, the result of which systems it chooses to compress which instruments or not seems to be not be always to my liking. Overall it does a really good job but there’s maybe around 15% that end up looking unideal.

Thus brings me to my question:
Is there a way to choose specific systems or measures to compress specific instruments together? e.g. if I want my oboes compressed from measures 20-30, but then not from 30-40, but the music is maybe texturally not too dissimilar and so by the blanket options (in the aforementioned menus) they end up the same. Is there a setting around this that I’ve missed? If not, may I request this feature be added in a coming update at your convenience?

Thanks for all that you do,

I think you mean Cmd-Shift-N and L, but off the top of my head I’m not sure what there is in Notation Options that would have any effect on this specific thing.

Are you talking about vertical spacing or horizontal spacing? If vertical, no, there’s not much you can do apart from ensure that you’ve made the best use of the Vertical Space in Write mode (which might occasionally mean that a textual Playing Technique lands in the rests immediately preceding the entry rather than bang on the entry, for instance). If you’re talking about horizontal spacing, a Note Spacing Change (from the Engrave menu) can be much quicker than inserting a load of System or Frame Breaks.

Hi pianoleo,

Indeed I did mean Cmd+Shift+N/L, thanks for catching me on that!

I’m a bit at a loss on your question regarding vertical or horizontal spacing. I understand the concepts of vertical vs horizontal spacing but am missing the relevance to my original question, do you mind clarifying?


You mean condensing right? If so in Engrave mood-> Engrave menu -> Condensing Change is what you want I think.


Sorry - when you said “compressing” I thought you meant the way that Dorico squeezes music horizontally or vertically onto the page. It didn’t occur to me that you meant “condensing”, which is completely separate functionality.

Go with what jesele said!

Ah, yes I did mean condensing! Sorry for all my misnomers! Thanks so much! I’ll look at those settings right now.

Oh it works like a charm! Thanks again!
Please feel free to close this ticket.