Is it possible to clip freezed tracks in Cubase?

I am working on a number of projects where each channel is very hot, by around 24db.

I am controlling this via groups before I get to the master so there is no issue there. My concern though is lots of the tracks are frozen and I am wondering if it is possible to clip the audio files that are saved and played back for a frozen track.

I see they are saved as 32 bit but does that mean a track will never clip when being frozen or does it not matter how loud the track is, much like if it were not frozen?


If it’s normalized, it can still clip, it just has more dynamic range below it for the quiet passages.

But if you lower the volume of the 32 bit file to create more headroom, you’ll likely not lose anything, as it’s unlikely there is anything significant that low in the noise floor of a 32 bit file; especially when artificially created from a 24 bit source.

In other words, lowering the volume by a reasonable amount, of a 24 bit file in a 32 bit space, should be loss-less.

Technically, you shouldn’t clip the audio files as long as you stay within the 32-bit f.p. format. Watch your monitor output levels closely, though. Unless you have an audio interface with 32-bit outputs, it will clip if the level is too hot.

It’s always a good idea to bring your audio levels under control. Even if you’re using 32-bit.

So when I import a 32-bit file and the wave form looks like it’s clipping I should ignore that?

Is it being misrepresented in 24-bit?

Try lowering the level of the audio file in and you should see the “clipped” portion magically reappear (unless the audio file has passed through any lower bitdepth format. In which case the clipping has been made permanent.)

It’s not the fact that they are 32-bit that makes them “immune” to clipping. It’s because they are floating point.

I wouldn’t ignore it. It’s always recommended to bring “clipped” 32-bit files into range. Just to be on the safe side. So, I would replace them.