Is it possible to convert Mr 816 csx from firewire to usb ?

i use the mr816csx on my desktop computer for some time now, and very happy with it, but for recordings on location it would be very handy to use it on my laptop aswell, but that’s a new vaio witch has no firewire port, only usb. According to my local dealer it isn’t possible to use a simple firewire/usb converter for audio purposes. I want to know if there exists a solution for this problem.


the only way I can imagine is to get a USB interface that has ADAT and connect the 816 to that. Not cheap.

The only way is via the route peakae suggests. A USB audio interface on the laptop which has adat and or spdif depending how many channels you need…
Unless the Sony viao supports something like express slot enabling you to add FireWire to it. I looked at trying to add FireWire to a toshiba laptop which didn’t have express slot and found that you have to be able to get to its PCI bus. I found that the wifi card was on a micro PCI bus and there was a company which made a micro PCI FireWire but it was all a bit “Heath Robinson”. So went with a steinberg ur28m audio interface instead. The newer ur interfaces also look good.

A good article confirming above methods:)