Is it possible to copy and paste channel filter settings [not EQ] across multiple tracks?

As an example, let’s say that I want to have a low cut of 50 Hz using a channels Lo Cut filter control, how can I copy this across multiple channels without having to do it one by one for larger projects?

btw I think it’s a pain that Cubase doesn’t store the Lo or Hi Cut filters settings as part of the EQ preset.

I’m aware that there is a channel linking option which means that settings I make on one channel affect all others but surely this isn’t the most intuitive way to copy & paste a single setting like filter cut?

Would appreciate any input on this. Thanks

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You can activate quick linking temporarily using a keyboard shortcut. That’s the quickest way i can think of.

  • select all the channels you want to set the low cut on
  • press and hold shift-alt
  • adjust the low cut on one of them. The change will be made on all the selected channels
  • let go of shift-alt

I made my own…customized the way I like it with about 20 presets including slopes. This pain took about 30 minutes, but considering that was years ago, it’s been well worth it.

Turn on Quick Link, focus your channels, done. I don’t think that is more complicated than copy and paste. Of course you could use copy/paste, but unless you are starting out fresh, it may adversely effect other channels depending on what you have established so far.

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Thank you both for clarifying, I guess using Quick Links is the way!

Sorry no quick answer other than “THIS IS STUPID” another small but important work flow issue that many pro users have with CB. I’m a Nuendo 10.3 user and LOVE the new updates but there are some basic work flow issues that have been around for years. And I mean from the beginning. [I have been on board since 2000 Nuendo 1.3 or something BTW ] this being one of many. stupid stupid stupid issues, . Don’t get me started on the i.o. configurations and …the automation JEZZZ!!! I moved from a controller to a mouse years ago and the automation has some really confusing things nonsense. There are some great new features but they left a few poor stragglers around.

Wow Im beside my self again. So I saved the Eq setting hoping that it would paste the filter and eq settings over from the next channel and the Save Pre set Load pre set Does NOT include THE FILTER!!! Again I’ve been a user for 2 decades and I still cant wrap my head around the small but VERY important work flow issues that have not been addressed. I don’t want/need to put pictures of a kick drum on my track! I would like the automation draw issues and filter copy paste issues dealt with. STEINBERG…Please understand that EVERY extra click, scroll, tab and move are additive. They Add to our time and work flow.

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No it doesn’t. And for a good reason. The filter isn’t part of the eq. It is a separate entity.
The filters are part of the pre section not the eq. But as filtering gain and phase have to be easily accessible they are shown together on the “e” channel window. And neither is part of the eq.

It’s not wrong, it’s not bad, but it could probably be visually separated a bit better in that window to make it more obvious.


Yes, exactly. It could be a bit misleading to make the filter look like part of the EQ.

@ErikGuldager I also make extensive use of Waves Q-clone for basic filters. I’m specifically wondering which takes less processing: Add a Q-Clone VST with a filter, or create a filter in the Cubase EQ?

@Juice 'll assume you know pictures is an option that can be turned off.

Hi again,

@ErikGuldager and greggybud I first want to apologies for my earlier posts. It was a very long day/night and I was very frustrated. After reading my posts again I sounded unprofessional and angry. You could probably come up with a few other expletives. But once again I want to apologies for that.

Thank you for clarifying. Although I don’t agree with how this is implemented or the work flow issue. Im used to the filter section being incorporated in the eq like an SSL console or plugin. Still being part of the pre section but still recallable with a plugin versions. Do you know why it was decided to not have it be able to copy over with the eq? It there a technical reason to this decision? Would any one happen to know how this can be done together instead of saving it separately and then having to click the more to accomplish this task?

greggybud. Thank you for replying to that. Yes I know how to turn pictures off. The reason I wrote that in my earlier post was to say, time, research and money was spent on pictures and not on fixing work flow issues that have been around for a decade.

Thanks again for responding. I promise I won’t yell any more [ALL CAPS] :innocent:

@Juice Im sure I have done worse things than adding a few all caps words over the years. :innocent:

On the SSL 4K the recall was done by actually turning the knobs yourself so workflow has improved a bit since then.

It is logical that it doesn’t copy with the EQ. Think about it. It is placed at the beginning of the signal chain.
However yes it would be nice to be able to quickly copy/paste the eq and filters together. But I for sure wouldn’t always want it to.

The filters may be used to shape the sound just like the eq, OR it might be used to deal with lo/hi-end issues like rumble or hiss. Then it’s not used as if it was part of the eq (which it isn’t).

The easiest way is to right click on any parameter header and choose copy/paste. I’m guessing by “more” you mean opening up the automation lanes?

THAT I could write in all-caps about… the automation lane handling… but it’s not the subject of this thread.