Is it possible to create by one command lanes from tracks in C12?

as in title. I know it’s possible to create quickly tracks from lanes but I can’t find oposite function. If there isn’t such, I kindly request to implement "create lanes from tracks* feature to Cubase 12😀


I think you misread the question.

@keyzone is looking for the opposite, Create Lanes from Tracks, which unfortunately does not exist


@raino @keyzone
Oh… Sorry for my misunderstanding. Yeah, there is no instant way to do this.
If you copy an event on lane2 to another track and if the destination track has lane2 already, the event will land on lane2. And moving an event to another lane within a track is much easier if the event is inside a part, select an event in the part editor and the cursor up/down adds and changes the lane.
With this behaviour, making enough lanes and moving events becomes a bit easier but no instant command like the opposite.

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Thanks for the answer. I thought there’s no fast way to do so. I looked through the key commands and couldn’t find it. I think it would be good to ask Steinberg team to implement this function. I’ve discovered “create tracks from lanes” lately and I find it very useful. The oposit function would be useful, too. Can you tell me where on the forum is the best place to request new features?

You can do that right here in this thread. Just add the Feature Request Tag to your initial Post and edit the Post’s text to include the request at the top.

Thank you very much @raino :grinning:

I would like to second this feature request, thank you.