Is it possible to create graphics of individual notes on a staff using Dorico?

So, a friend of mine asked me for images of Notes.
Basically, I’ll need to create the image using every note and accidental, with the Treble, Bass, Alto, and Tenor Clef.
However, I’ll need to have several parameters:
(1) The Image has to be centered
(2) The Spacing and size has to be as equal as possible
(3) It can’t have a time signature, or barline.
This is what I was able to do so far:

I was able to accomplish this using the Band Page Size, and increasing the staff spacing to a large number, but I couldn’t get rid of the bar line, and the staff wasn’t “centered” onto the page. I would also like the Whole Note to be Centered Horizontally on the Staff, but I couldn’t find a way to do it.
Is it possible to do all of this in Dorico? I know there’s a “Note Image Generator” online, but the Emmentaler Font (MuseScore’s Old Font) looks awful, and I like Dorico’s Bravura.
Currently, I still have Dorico 4.

To get rid of the barline, go to the Barlines page of Notation Options, and set the default barline type to “no barline”.

To make the note centred in the bar, try going to the Spacing Gaps page of Engraving Options, and make Ideal gap after barline quite a bit bigger – for example, try 4 spaces.

Hello. Unfortunately, I do not see a “No Barline” option.
This is all I see:
Screenshot 2024-04-20 at 00.49.07
I think it’s because I only have Dorico 4 at this point.
Is there also a way to center the staff vertically on the page?

No barline option exists for the next Notation option, final barline. And if you don’t want any barline before, don’t use any meter (or choose open).

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I request a “no barline” option in the list of bar lines.

Right now one has to use workaround: the dashed barline with the dash length set to zero.

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Or the tick barline (read Benwiggy’s last article on Scoring Notes).

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Thanks @MarcLarcher. I had wondered about that option and didn’t see a way to do it. I’ll reread Benwiggy’s article.

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It’s the article that was published yesterday, or two days ago :wink:

Yes, I had read most of the article, but missed that part because I never use tic barlines. In any case, it is a way to do it if one is also using dashed barlines.

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Is there a way to vertically center the staff/system on the page?
Here’s what I have so far on statement paper:

I haven’t gotten the chance to horizontally center the note, yet or get rid of the barline with a work-around, (We could also select the barline in write mode and hit “delete”), but I would like the staff to be centered, that way there’s a little more room and the accidentals don’t hit the top edge of the image.

Yes, you’d just need to do a little math, and set your music frame top margins to place the musical staff exactly in the center vertically.

If your music frame were 40 pts tall, and your staff 20pts, set your music frame top margin to 10 pts.

Would there be a way to just shorten the bar length until the note is center?

So, here’s what I’ve done so far, I’ve pretty much got it centered vertically, but it’s centering the note horizontally that I still need help with.

As you can see here, the, note isn’t centered. Now, I do like the relative distance from the clef to the note, so I would just like to remove some of the bar length from the other side, just so that way it’s even, if you get what I mean. Is there a way to do that in Dorico, or would I just need to export all the images and then manually edit it in photoshop or something?

I found that using an unmeasured time signature, and prefacing the whole note(s) with a hidden dotted quarter note seems to center the whole note.

centered rest.dorico (478.5 KB)

Just use the note spacing tool and bump it over!

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Perhaps? (I hope I’m not off topic)
once I made an application in javascript for sightreading with a lot of flashcards that arrive in screen randomly.
These flashcards have all the same size ( I don’t put key at beginning so everyone can study with trbble , bass, ut clef)
To have precise dimension I finally do it affinity designer and do a gabarit of slices like in the picture:

I like how far the note is from the clef. What I wanted to do is remove some bar-line length from the other side until the note is center. Moving the note over, increases the distance from the clef, and then it won’t look as good anymore.