Is it possible to create Group Tracks within Group Tracks (elements)


As the subject suggests, I like to create group tracks and I tend to use these as buses (group track for drums, plus a music-wide bus for various reasons).

Sometimes this works for me, othertimes it doesn’t, and I’m wondering if I’m just completely messing this up, and the answer is no: you cannot add a group track to an already grouped track.

Anyone know?


If you say “sometimes it works”, it should be generally possible, shouldn’t it? Else it would never work.
Maybe you could try describing precisely the steps you are doing and at what point it doesn’t work, and what “it doesn’t work” means specifically?
Could it be that you just hit the limit of Elements, which allows only for 16 group tracks?

Group Tracks can’t have anything inside them, including another Group Track - they don’t hold or contain things.

However you can generally route the output of one Group Track into another Group Track (Cubase won’t let you do this when it will create a feedback loop).

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Thank you,

I did suspect this was the case.

You answered my question clearly and in a non pass-agg way.

I appreciate it. Thanks :slight_smile: :pray: