Is it possible to create sequence/arp, with Logical editor?

is it possible to make sequences/arp with only selected notes ?

For example, we have 4 chords, last chord i need to transform to random sequence/arp.

(i aware of midi inserts, i’m curious, is it possible to do with MLE)


What result exactly would you expect, please? At which parameter should the randomness by applied (Pitch/Start Position)?

Hi Martin!
1/8 note lenght, position, pitch changes


I’m afraid you would need Macro of Logical Editors to apply all these.

You can use something like if the note is n-th notes in the Chord, but this would become broken once you would change the Start Position. But if you would change the Pitch, then the Length and the Start Position as the last one, this should work.

And of course, you can always use the Random value or Random in Range.

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