Is it possible to create Sony Reality Audio 360 with Nuendo 13


I have made some tests but I can not know if it is possible to Create Sony Reality Audio 360 with Nuendo 13.

Several points:

Sony uses MPEG-H for its service, exactly the same MPEG-H wich is incorporated inside Nuendo 13

The own Sony Producer tool Sony Walkmix work the same way MPEG-H module inside Nuendo. It costs 535 !

The produced content can be send to plateforme like Amazon music, Tidal, and many more so, there is no propriatory Sony codec used.

Sol How does all that work together ?



You’d need their plug in:
It states it is compatible with Nuendo 11, not sure about Nuendo 13. Contact them for more current info.

Hello !

I have tested the Sony Walkmix AudioReality 360 plugin with Nuendo 13, Unfortunatly, there is very few support from Sony on YouTube. Just one or two vidéos on YouTube and that’s all. No other support in the plugin or on the web.

It seems you can achieve the same result with Nuendo 13 and MPEG-H productions.

The Sony plugin works fine with Nuendo 13 and Cubase 13.

Steinberg support on YouTube is far more complete than Sony.