Is it possible to cut (and then paste) a track?

Hey guys,

In contrast with dragging and moving the track around, is it possible to cut it and then paste it in the desired location? Sometimes in a very large project, dragging a track up or down is very time consuming…

I’m talking about a track, such as instrument track, not an event

Thanks a lot in advance!


I expect, you don’t mean a track, but you mean an Audio Event, Audio Part, MIDI Part…

Yes, you can do so. Just use the common Ctrl/Cmd+X and Ctrl/Cmd + V.

Or you can select the Audio Event, Audio Part, MIDI Part… and use the Move To > Cursor (Ctrl/Cmd + L) command.

Hi Martin thanks, no I actually mean a track:

For example I have a track at the top of the project, and I would like it to be down at the bottom, the way I know of is to drag it down with the mouse, but if the project is very big with loads of tracks, is there a more convenient way? I thought maybe you could cut and paste it again at the bottom…

Thanks again!


I see.

The easiest way is to hide all other tracks, then move the given track down and show all other tracks back.

Ohh alright sounds like a smart way I’ll practice it thank you very much

I also group tracks in folders. Apart from being good to organise the tracks you can also close the folder so shrinking them. Just another alternative.