Is it possible to cycle through channel visibility configurations?

Hello all, I’m hoping for some help in setting up physical controllers. I have several channel visibility configurations set up (eg drums, guitars, group tracks) and know how to assign these up as key commands.

I’m trying however to go keyboard free and just use physical controllers. I don’t have enough spare physical buttons to set up one per configuration, so I was wondering whether there’s any way to set up previous / next configuration buttons, or even just a next (cycle) button?

Many thanks in advance.

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following, that would be really cool

You could get an app for your iOS or Android device and do it there maybe (?).

Avid’s Eucontrol for example has grids of 6x4 soft keys that are programmable, can be labeled and color coded, and has access to a ton of functions in Cubase / Nuendo. So you could have one page of 24 channel visibility configurations accessible that way on your phone or tablet.

The app is free btw.

Don’t know if you can cycle through them. Open key commands editor and search for the command “cycle” to see if it shows up.

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I can think of two ways, since there’s no previous/next visibility command:

  • Using scripting in the midi remote. We can assign the cc of our choice to cycle through the agents. Let me know if interested in this.

  • Using external utilities, such as Bome MIDI Translator Pro. In this case, we can set it to cycle through 8 midi ccs by having just one as a starting point, and then in the midi remote using the assistant, assign these ccs to the corresponding agents.

if you have streamdeck, i think there is an option to have cascaded action.

that means, if you push the button once, it makes keystroke #1, if you push the button a 2nd time, it will do keystroke #2. etc

but it would be cool to have like a rotary knob in the cubase remote control to cycle through them in back an forth


Thanks all for the responses.

@MattiasNYC I do actually have Avid Control - it would be a shame to have to use it for that “one thing” but it’s a good option.

@m.c I hadn’t thought about MIDI remote as the controllers are all pretty much set up already (they’re the Steinberg CMC ones) - could I do scripting for just one key press?
I’m not sure whether they send a separate MIDI value for the key combo I’d be using (most of the assignable functions are with a Shift key, which seems to send it’s own value but not modify the accompanying key if that makes sense, they both send values and last one wins).

@exoslime I hadn’t even thought about a rotary! :man_facepalming:t2: It might still need MIDI remote, but it’s a way better way of doing it!


If you mean that Shift is sending its own value, then in the remote (again, just to be clear, only by using scripting) we should read Shift too. However, in this case, I’m not sure that Shift will pass to the dedicated midi setup (not the midi remote) even if we set it to not be consumed by the midi remote.

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Thanks @m.c . Sounds like I might be waiting for someone (Steinberg?) to do a complete MIDI remote setup for the CMCs.

It’s a very capable app though. Once you start using it if you take some time you can have it do some really neat things.

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I’ve just had an idea for a workaround. I have a spare wireless numeric keypad - I could set up key commands for numeric keys 1-8 to use for this purpose. It’s an extra “thing” to have on the desk, but at least it’s a small footprint.

Inspired by the Stream deck idea @exoslime :blush:

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