Is it possible to dissolve a stereo audio drum track in Cubase?

I use Cubase Pro 12. I know it’s possible to record a drum track in MIDI then ‘dissolve the parts’ so each individual drum goes onto a separate track in Cubase. However, is this possible with audio? Let’s say my drummer records a stereo track from his e-kit (or even acoustic drums). His e-kit sound module does not have separate outputs for each drum sound, but only a mono or stereo output. Is is possible in Cubase to split an audio drum track in into separate audio tracks for each drum? As far as I know, the ‘dissolve the parts’ feature in Cubase is only for MIDI track, not audio.

Of course, we CAN record MIDI data from a drum module, but I just wanted to know how to split audio drum tracks.


Explore SpectraLayers, please.


There is also DrumsSSX from Fuse Audio Labs, which is a plugin that can a) remix Stereo Drum files in the plugin (Kick, Snare, Toms Cymbals) with EQ, Compressor and Saturation, and b) with a little bit of 5.1 routing, split a stereo track into dive separate tracks so that they can be exported. Great tool if you only have stereo drums. (there are 50% sales once in a while if the price seems to high).

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You can do this in a way with GA se . You can load your sample kit to a pad , Slice , which will send the hits to the pads and then right click on the Pad to assign and individual out which will create individual tracks for each pad and sliced sample , each sliced sample on each pad can be edited to suit ,also if you want to keep the original rhythm of the kit just copy the midi data via the midi icon to the GA midi track and then you just need to 'render in place ’ which will give you all your individual audio tracks of drums and your done

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Interesting method! Does this work if you have more than 1 drum playing simultaneously on the same beat (for example, a hi hat and a bass drum on beat 1), or does it only work if one drum sound is playing at a time?

It only works with one drum , but there’s no reason why not with a duplicate audio track and filters you can’t achieve what you want . BTW you can have up to 32 outs or you can just assign your pads like busses ie Kicks ,snares, hihats . I do this all the time with old loops that i want to revive , slice ,add an external output and then you have all the chooses in the world yo reimage/eq /panning ,track inserts and so on .