Is it possible to easily swap a note from LH piano to RH piano stave?

Hi All!

I’m loving the midi record function, it works so nicely!

Am I missing some way to swap a note across to the other hand on piano staves? The split point is great on input but I’d like to finesse which hand is given which note further. Is it simply a cut/paste job, with chord input mode engaged? Or is there a magic swap to other stave button?

Thank you! I’ve tried to search forums for this but I couldn’t find anything, probably due to me not knowing the correct technical words to search for.


Yes! Select a note, or multiple notes, and use Alt-N and Alt-M to move them from one staff to another.

Thanks so much, Dan!

This is a brilliant feature - I will treasure it, haha!

I was looking for this yesterday, and couldn’t find it! To help my understanding of terminology and the layout of help, where would I find this in the manual? I tried searching for “move note” and even “move note to another staff”. The first 20 results contained lots of advice about moving other things, and about cross-staff beams and such, but nothing relevant to moving notes.

In fact, I can’t find it anywhere either, at least not with a cursory search. Odd. I suppose I’ve just picked it up from other users! I agree it should be added to the online manual.

It must be somewhere in a version history, because this feature has been added after Dorico 1 — m and n were there from the start, but not the ability to cut/paste on the upper/lower staff in a single operation. Those functions have expanded a lot since then (duplicate to upper/lower staff, swap content between staves, explode, reduce, special copy to voice…)

Page 104-105 of the most recent version history (here:

It was added in Dorico 2.0

Don’t forget that you can do cross-staff notation by simply pressing m or n. Adding alt actually changes the staff the note belongs to while pressing without alt simply changes where it is displayed.

Thanks for that, everyone. It seems that it would be a good idea if this was mentioned somewhere else in the documentation, as well as the version history. e.g. in sections dealing with note input/editing. Then there might be a chance it will show up in a search. :slight_smile:

Yes jgg. As has been said plenty of times on this forum, the manual only serves Dorico v1 at the moment. Lillie’s working hard to update it but for the time being the Version History will have to do.