Is it possible to export from Dorico and import to Studio One 5?

I thought since Studio One 5 can open Presonus Notion files, that it could also open MusicXML files exported from Dorico, but I haven’t found a way to do this. Can I do it indirectly, by porting to Notion first, and then opening in Studio One?

Ok, so I figured out you can export to .mid file format from Dorico and open THAT in Studio One 5.3, but it doesn’t respect your notation I guess because it’s converted to midi format and doesn’t retain the restrictions set on the notation in the official Dorico notation file (ex: my dotted half tied to an eighth note got converted to a double dotted half note, while technically correct, I don’t feel it’s as easy to read).

Midi or xml are your only options. If you’re taking music out of dorico, it’s going to be interpreted by the other program’s algorithms.

Studio One cannot import or export MusicXML files at the moment, so MIDI is the only option for taking data from Dorico into Studio One.

I haven’t tried xml, but from one of the studio one support pages it says it can open

Steinberg Cubase Track Archives (.xml)

Whether or not this includes regular xml I’m not sure, but it can at least open something with xml data in it.

Yes, but .xml is a widely used format that extends to data structures far beyond music. The Cubase Track Archive sounds like a list of the tracks (and track support info) far removed from any notation.

At this moment I only export stems from Dorico, upsampling stems from 16bit to 24bit using Voxengo r8frain (because Dorico 3.5 has lack of 24bit audio file export option), and import the stems into Studio One. Studio One is only a mixing software to me in most cases.

You can export musicXML from Dorico to Notion 6 and in turn send the Notion file into Studio One 5. The latest versions do this reasonably well. The integration between Notion and Studio One is pretty decent as these things go.

Notion, while no where near as comprehensive as Dorico, is a quite workable program for basic notation needs. I find it very useful as a go between with Dorico and Studio One.


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Thanks! I will try that!