Is it possible to export mixdown multiple tracks of different lenghts

Hello, I am trying to export multiple tracks as .mp3, but I have to select either locators or markers when exporting, how does it work when tracks are not the same lenght ?

This is what my MEAP application does. Apart from other things. But it is windows only and not currently compatible with Cubase 12.

We’re hoping Steinberg will add this functionality natively sometime soon. :pray:t3:

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Oh ok, so it’s not supported yet

Another quick question, when I import all my tracks, they follow the project tempo, but I don’t want that, as I just want to export my album in .mp3, each track have it’s own tempo

As a workaround, You could move all your tracks so that they don’t overlap (one after the other, but keep them on different tracks), select each of them and create a cycle marker for each. You then can select cycle marker export in the export audio dialog (only in Pro, afaik) and export all of them. You should name your cycle markers with the song title before though to get properly named files.
Not pretty, I agree.

It sounds like you need something like Wavelab

I’m not 100% certain as I’ve not tried this, but if you go to each track, select all (for that track) then render that track as a single file, which you name and save to identify what it is, then that should work!

Export Selection should do it. I think you can set it to include stereo buss processing too right?