Is it possible to get a second trial? Maybe with one of my other dongles?

Is it possible to trial Nuendo AGAIN, by chance? I gave it a try a few months ago and as a Cubase Pro user, but I din’t do much with it and I decided against it. Now that there is the great crossgrade offer, I would like to make the switch, but I need to try and do some of my specific film cue music preparation work in Nuendo to be sure that it will work fine.

Is it possible to get a second trial somehow so that I can test it on actual work before making the switch? Thanks!

Yes, you still can,i have tried this before …

U will need to use another dongle (that has not been use for trial of the same product ), and u need to create a new steinberg account,(because i dont think you’ll receive the trial activation code if u use the same account) …

I don’t think Steinberg allow second trial on the same dongle & same account anymore…

You’ll for sure need another dongle but I would just request an additional trial before creating a new account because I think that still works.

Thank you. I emailed Nuendo support to see if they can help. The main thing is that I need to check the XML export and make sure it is handled in the same way when importing to Dorico that Cubase is. I didn’t think to test that during the trial.

Friend how did this go? Were you able to get a second trial?

They never got back in touch, but that’s ok. I decided to stick with Cubase.