Is it possible to glue cut parts automatially?

Hello, guys!
I’m narrator sometimes and I need to narrate big information more than 20 minutes. After recording all session I choose better takes and combine them all together. Now I need to cut out some unnecessary takes, move all the other takes to the end of previous take, then again cut out and move all takes… it takes a lot of time. Is there a feature with “glues” automatically all parts of the track so I just move the whole section of glued parts, not one by one by selecting all takes.

Advice of selecting the takes and bouncing won’t work cause it is literally as the same as selecting all the takes and dragging. I want other parts to be glued automatically after attaching it to another part.

Not sure if it’s what you want but Alt-while using the glue tool will glue everything on the track together at once.


You could make a Macro (make sure, the original Audio Event/Part is selected before):

  • Transport > Locate Selection End
  • Navigation > Right
  • Edit > Move to Cursor

This will close all the gaps.

Then you can Shift + double-click the first Audio Event on the track, or Select All Events on the track and then glue.


Yes. It’s a really good tip! Thank you very much!

There is also the command Edit>Group, which groups together both Parts & Events and lets you move them around as a single unit.

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I didn’t know this was possible, thanks. You should have added that you need to apply the glue tool to the first event in the track, and then all tracks to the right will be glued together. Which is useful, too. Again, thanks, planarchist

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