Is it possible to have two midi inputs to one track? (Solved)

I can have a single midi input or I can have “any” midi input. My question is can I apply two nominated midi inputs to a midi track or instrument?
My setup has several keyboards and contollers, including a couple of tablets running Metagrid. I would like to have one keyboard and one metagrid instance dedicated to a track, but excluding the other keyboards or controllers. Can I have two controllers directed at a track? Is there some way in the PLE to do this, or some other method?

Studio Setup/Midi/midi port setup/ untick all devices you don’t require for ‘In All MIDI’

Then select ‘All midi inputs for track’

Only drawback is this is universal setting.

Hmm, that won’t work for me. As you say it’s universal, so all other tracks would be impacted.

This has always been a good question. I never understood why it had to be just one midi device or all midi devices in a single, specific track. I am sure folks have asked for this before, and perhaps there is a work around rather than being a global setting as ckon points out.

What I would do is to use the Input Transformer for the involved tracks. AFAIK, we cannot use it as an input filter, but we can as a channel one, though. So, let’s say that each controller is set with its own MIDI channel : if we want the involved instrument track to react only to the controllers transmitting in channels 1 and 3, the Input Transformer should be set as follows :

Top pane

Channel            Unequal             1            And
Channel            Unequal             3

Bottom pane


Function : filter

Do not forget to activate the module in which you set these statements (probably the first of the four available ones) : seems to work as expected, here. HTWH…

Cubic13 Yeah input transformer i have used this way.

If it is a VSTi midi track another aproach is this:
Make midi track with one of your selected controllers
Make another midi track with the other desired controller.
Use midi sends for both tracks to point to the VSTi track. You will have 4 possible dedtinations.

Didn’t think of this one, but yes, I guess that it also can work this way. Beside this, I have checked the PLE : doesn’t seem that the MIDI input can be used in it…

Thank you for these replies, and ckon’s answer does work for me. Setup a VSTi instrument and set the input to “not connected”. Create two midi tracks for the two chosen controllers and use midi send to the VSTi track and ensure both are set to monitor on, or record enable. It means having three tracks to use the instrument, but it is a workaround and avoids anything set to contribute to “all midi”.


another way of doing it is to use the free software Midi-OX together with a virtual midi port software (E.g. LoopBe).

With that, you can freely route signals from midi inputs into output ports, including summing up two or more input ports into one midi output. Then select this (virtual) midi port in Cubase. Done.

On top, you can do many other things like filtering, translate, transpose, etc.

Thanks - I’ll look into it.