Is it possible to import al 6.5 FX Chain Presets to C8?


I have got a lot of FX Chain Presets in Cubase 6.5.
Is it possible to import al 6.5 FX Chain Presets to Cubase 8? I won’t import them automaticaly…




just put your preset in the right folder C/user/Documents/Steinberg/FX Chain Presets

Which preset? And I’m on OSX

I am on Win7 64. I couldn’t find a way to do this, so I saved a 6.5 project with my regular output/mastering FX presets, opened the project in Pro 8 and re-saved the chain. Repeated this for some of my regular preset FX preset patches.


I think the suffix has changed at some point from .vmx to .fxchainpreset, but they don’t seem to be compatible. Pro8 doesn’t recognise .vmx and changing the suffix doesn’t help (Yes, I copied vmx files into the correct location). I too would be pleased to hear if Home Studio 87, you have found a workaround.


oups sorry don’t remember the format of insert preset in 6.5…

So you say it’s possible but don’t know how!??

no if it’s not the same file format, sorry

I want to import my channel presets into C7.5 from C6. I found the C7.5 channel presets ( C/user/Documents/Steinberg/FX Chain Presets) But can’t find the C6 channel presets! Are they located somewhere else? Or is there an easy way to import them?

The FX Chain presets in Cubase 6 or 6.5 are not realy compatible with Cubase 7 or newer. However, Steinberg focused on trying to translate the EQs as similar as possible into the new format, even though the newer Chain is completely different. More details can be found here:

Well at least that’s a clear situation. Not compatible directly, but you can open a 6/6.5 project and then save the chain in the new format. Better than nothing!

Thanks for the post Felipe. Keep up the good work.