Is it possible to import scale files in Groove Agent SE5?

Hello, is it possible to import scale files (like scala scale files) in Groove Agent SE5 ?
Is it possible in newer versions of Cubase or Groove Agent ?

Thank you

No, but if you’re interested, Halion can use scala files.

I’m curious, how would you use scala files in Groove Agent SE if you could import them??

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I’m just asking. Groove Agent is an instrument too…
Do you think Groove Agent will have this feature in the future?

No, because what would the point be to have scala files in a drum instrument?

Because this drum instrument has notes/frequencies too.

Which instrument if I may ask?

I’m speaking only about Groove Agent.

what are you saying then?

Strictly speaking Groove Agent only plays back samples. There are knobs to change the frequency of the sample played back but there is never any reference as to the original frequency of the sample. Ie. you can change frequencies by ear but you can’t tell GA to play a sample on frequency 440Hz because it doesn’t know (or doesn’t care about) the frequency of the source.

For scale adjustment to make sense Steinberg would have to also integrate a pitch analyzer for the loaded samples. I doubt this will happen.

I’m saying that, because we can play the mentioned notes/keys of the Groove Agent via a midi keyboard, putting a kick and a snare in 2 of the midi notes/keys and having the possibility to change scale files, we will have the possibility to choose and change the frequency relationship between the kick and the snare, depending on the scale file…

So what do you think now Steve?
Will Groove Agent has this feature in the future?