Is it possible to input quantize durations?


I am new to Dorico, but I’m learning fast. Is there a way to quantize real time MIDI input for not only placement of the attack of the note, but also for the duration? I’d like to be able to force Dorico to display only 16th notes or 8th notes and not notes of strange durations including ties to 32nd notes.

Please let me know if this feature is available.


Devin Thomas

Dear DevinT,
Make sure you’ve watched some videos like
Many improvements have been made since 2.2, so I would also check the forum as well as the manual… But I am confident you should be able to do what you want, the functions are very powerful now.

Welcome to the forum, Devin. No, there’s no way to force Dorico to make all notes you input a fixed duration, but once you’ve input the music, you can select everything you played in and hit e.g. 5 to turn all those notes into eighth notes, or 4 to turn them all into 16th notes.

Thanks for the quick response. You might consider adding a function to do this. Under quantize, you could add a checkbox to quantize durations as well as attacks. It would save me a lot of clean up time! Thanks! I’m loving Dorico!

Devin Thomas

Not to be contrary, but have you tried the method above? It’s so fast. I use it all the time. Select the notes, or range of notes, and hit 4 or 5 or whatever duration you want.