Is it possible to insert a modifier inside a hairpin?

I was thing of inserting the word poco inside a crescendo hairpin at the end of it. I know I can widen the end of the hairpin in editing and move the typed word poco inside of it but it’s not very stable.

You can add a “poco” or “molto” modifier to a hairpin using the buttons in the dynamics panel on the right-hand side in Write mode, but the modifier will go outside the hairpin rather than between the angled lines. Perhaps this is close enough to your desired appearance?

Do you mean something like this: (357 KB)
You can hide the dynamic in the middle and only show the prefix. And you also have to change the option for two cresc. in the engraving options. (I’m on German language, so I can’t tell you, what it is called exactly in English).

Attached is a pic from Schnable’s ed. of Beethoven piano sonatas of what I would like to be able to do. If I use properties to add poco as a postscript it ends up more in the middle of a hairpin than at the end.

The only way to achieve that appearance directly would be using text, Richard, and if you choose to try it, I recommend you disable collision avoidance for text items, which you can do on the Text page of Engraving Options.

Another way, if one wants to keep collision avoidance for text, is to use a second dynamic entry close to the end of the hairpin such as mf, add the suffix poco, and hide the intensity marking in the properties panel. Then the poco can be moved into place in engraving mode

Thanks for the replies. I have done it using text but since the piece is a work in progress I’ll have to go through and clean up a lot of stuff when I finally get it finished. Using text and widening the open end of the hairpin will work.