Is it possible to load Groove Agent One in Cubase 8?

I have a large repertoire of material and studio projects all set up with Groove Agent One. Today I installed my update to Cubase 8, loaded one of my projects and was greeted by the bad old ‘plugin not found’ message. OK, I get it that Groove Agent SE is a better beatbox, etc., etc., but it would be nice if I could load up my live material in its current configuration rather than having to swap out the beatbox plugins in something approaching 80 - 100 projects.

Sure, I could go through all my material but it would be a whole lot of running to stand still. I notice that Steinberg has included a lot of plugins from earlier versions of Cubase. It would be nice if they had decided to keep Groove Agent One as well for backwards compatibility.

Aloha A,

I believe I saw just yesterday (or the day before) one of the mods posted a link on how to do this but I
cannot seem to find it now.

I will keep looking but you too should try a search,

Good Luck!

This appears to tell one how…

@ planarchist:

It worked! Thank you. I put both the .bin and the .vst3 files in the VST3 Folder. Now I can get on with updating my work at a more leisurely pace.

BTW, I noticed that those files are also in my Cubase 7.5/VST3 folder. It would have been easier to just copy them across so there’s no need for anyone to download the files.

Excellent, thanks for letting us know… :smiley:

I had the same issue. I found the solution in the fine manual. For the official “Windows Solution” see

Cubase 8\Cubase 8 for Windows\ReadMe Files\ReadMe.pdf, page 11.

(The solution is as already described by planarchist)

It only goes to show the manual is your best friend!
(To be honest: I did not read the ReadMe file before upgrading to CP8).

Hope to help

Thanks buddy…
it helps a lot…