Is it possible to make a Music Songbook in Dorico?

So, I am compiling a project of choir arrangements, and figured it would be great if I was able to combine them all into a songbook. I realized that hypothetically, if I make each “flow” a different arrangement, and make the flow titles the song titles, then add a table of contents at the start of the project, I am sure it could suffice. However, I run into an issue. I am trying to make a blank first two pages, The first filled with an image of some sort, along with the name of the book, the 2nd filled with a table of contents. If I delete the music frame, there is no page for the music to start, and I do not know if an “Add Page” button exists in Dorico where I can start the flow headings, and music frames.

Is there any way to correct that problem?

Definitely. You can simply insert a blank page from the Pages panel, but the best way is to create a new master page for each preface page. Then in the Pages panel, right-click on the first page and insert a master page change.

The reason this is best is because you won’t get any page overrides.

You can even use tokens to create the Table of Contents automatically!

I am currently working on a small anthology of easy choir pieces for my choir to sing during communion. Each piece is a flow and it works marvelously. In fact, this is exactly the type of thing the developers envisioned when they came up with the flow concept (or at least one proper usage for it among many).

This is advantageous for a few reasons: all your pieces will be engraved with exactly the same settings, your page numbers will be automatic, you will have all your “files” collated into one project, any changes you make to things like fonts will be applied universally… I could go on and on.

All I can say is, you have the right idea!

How would I use Tokens to Create Table of Contents Automatically?