Is it possible to make Playing Technique that positions to the left of selected note?

Hi! Is it possible to make Playing Technique that positions to the left of the selected note (not above or below) like on the picture?

P.s. looks like it is possible to make position of PT to left above, but no just to the left of selected note.

I don’t think so, playing techniques are generally positioned above or below the staff, either center-aligned with notes (if it’s a glyph playing technique) or left-aligned (if it’s text).

What sort of notation do you want to show, have you got an example? Would using a jazz articulation suffice, for example?

Edit: oh right, you mean the time signature, for situations where you want to use a fake time signature. No, that’s not really what playing techniques are built for.

Thanks for the answer, Lillie!
At least I can make it to be positioned to the left above. Than I just have to “put it down” in Engrave mode.

Could you use a pickup time signature instead?

Tell us what you’re trying to achieve, and we’ll come up with ways to do it.


I’m trying to hide the time signature on the previous stave(in red circle):
And I don’t want to use Flows in that case.

If you don’t want to use Flows, you can use Codas, with the symbol hidden, and the indent set to 0.

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Hmmm, great! But I cant find indent…

Oh, I find it:

  • Engraving Options
  • Repeat Markers
  • Repeat Sections
  • Default gap before mid-system coda section

Thanks, benwiggy!