Is it possible to merge two midi tracks into a single one?

I have a Steven Slate Drums track that I’d like to use only for tracking drums and a Superior Drummer track that I’d like to use only for cymbals. I removed all cymbals from SSD and drums from SD, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to merge the two tracks into a single MIDI track so that when I record my performance, I can view/modify all my hits in a single drum editor that combines both VST instruments rather than maintaining two separate ones?


Well, are you certain that is really what you want to do? Merging MIDI Parts together is easy (just place one on top of the other then Glue them), but then the merged MIDI would all go to the same instrument.
But you don’t need to merge them in order to see them both in the same Editor… just select them simultaneously then open the Editor.

I did NOT know you could do that, works for me! Thanks!

If you have two (or more) midi tracks with midi parts you can shift + click on the midi parts and all midi notes will be visible in the midi editor. Editing is also possible, there’s a toolbar thing for “currently edited part” so that you can choose which one of the parts new midi notes will be edited. (This also switches just by selecting one of the midi notes.)

I’m still on 8, but can’t you still have midi events on their own channel within one midi part?

It would be nice, if this included being able to swicth the VSTi in one part sometime in the future.