Is it possible to mixdown the Control Room output?

My first topic in this forum as a humble newbie. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it, at all, possible to mixdown the output specifically from the Control Room so that I can listen to it in the car, at home etc.

You see, I have a limiter and a Tape plugin in the Control Room plugin section; just so that I don’t accidentelly mixdown the Master stereo track with plugins that should be added during the mastering process. This strategy has been recommended in several mixing tutorials on Youtube.

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No… what you will mix down is the main output not the control room out.
You can add EQ to the CR out to linearize your speaker response, and this is normally not wanted in a mixdown.

Just move the limiter and the tape sim to the master out and deactivate them when you export to mastering.

Hi, st10ss!

Yes, I am aware of that. As I said, I just add the plugins in the Control Room to be able to hear and downmix a limitered, EQ:d preview version of the mix.

I just hoped for a way to downmix the Control Room output for a boosted version and then, when leaving the mix to a mastering engineer, I downmix the Master output; without any plugins.

But it’s not a big deal. I am perfectly fine with that.
I just have to remember to deactivate the Master output plugins when it’s time to leave the mix for mastering.

Thank you for taking the time to answer. :slight_smile:


Sometimes YouTube is just wrong.

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Ha ha, most certainley. :smiley:

You could create a second output track with the plugins on it. If possible in Cubase you would then have both it and the “clean” output as sources in control room. Now you’ve moved your mastering chain to the second output and when monitoring you can easily switch between the two. When exporting mixdown you can export either with or without that mastering.

If it’s not possible to do that in Control Room in Cubase then leave the plugins in Control Room but copy them over to that other output track. Same thing - monitor with your CR plugins and export mixdown from both outputs.

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Hi there, MattiasNYC.

In the Control Room, I haven’t yet found a way to select a Mix Console channel as an output; it seems the only way is thru the Master output and then out to one of the defined monitors.

I tried using a Submix stereo channel as an additional Master Output in the Mix Console, with the Limiter, EQ and Tape plugin inserted and all my recorded tracks routed to it.
The Submix channel was then routed to the Master output
Then, to get a “clean” mixdown, I was left with two options:

  1. Re-route all my recorded tracks to the Master output
  2. Deactive the plugins in the Submix stereo channel

I have decided to add the plugins to the Master output anyway and, when it’s time to master, I will deactivate the all plugins before the mixdown.
But I can still use the fabulous Control Room Meter for checking the “clean” and “unplugged” peak level. So much cool and handy stuff in there! :slight_smile:

…and, oh by all means, I am the Son of Pål but the forum doesn’t allow Swedish letters in the username. I guess the world is not ready yet. :smiley:

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You’d want the two outputs to run more or less in parallel. So either route all of the tracks that currently go to the main master output also to the second output track, or if possible create your second output track and send to it from the first output track. Then place plugins in Control Room as well as on that second output track.

The whole idea behind doing it this way is that you can label your main output “stereo mix” and the second output “stereo mix - rough master” and then render them both out with those names. And you wouldn’t have to switch things off to do it, you’d always know if you’ve got a file with mastering or not because it’s in the name of the file and the name of the file follows the output. Just seems more neat.

I suppose I should read up on the limitations of Cubase. In Nuendo all of this is very easy.

Skitforum… :upside_down_face:
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Yes. indeed, Nuendo makes some things much easier… :wink:

Nuendo? Yeah, I guess the high price tag is relative to its very impressive specification, but I don’t need all that. Nuendo is sooo out of my league; I got my hands full with Cubase Pro 12 as it is and cash is on the wishlist. :smiley: :wink:

I just finished my Project Template in Cubase and it went very nice indeed. Now I got a RawMix channel with the plugins inserted and all submixes routed to it.
The RawMix channel is routed to the Master output.

When it’s time for mastering, I just downmix to the Master Output. Nice and clean.

I learned a lot today.
Thanks for all your help, guys!