Is it possible to move VST instruments in F11 window?


Is it possible to move VST instruments up and down in F11 window? I mean, for example there are 10 instrument tracks loaded in VST instruments panel (F11), 1- Strings High, 2- Strings Low, 3- Percussions, 4- Synth1 …etc. Can I move Percussion to up and move Strings High to down?

I want to that in order to set them same as track list (and so as mixer) order.


any ideas?

I really need to arrange VST instruments window :frowning: isn’t it possible?

Sounds like a great feature request to improve the UI and User Experience. Did you check if there is already a feature request in the appropriate thread? For now I have not found an option to rearrange the VST rack… would be awesome though!