Is it possible to mute a CC controller lane in the key editor?

Sometimes, I would like to mute a CC for a part I am working on in the Key Editor. For example I might have entered some expression control, but now want to hear the part without it. What i am doing now is deleting the CC and then re-entering it, but if I have the CC entered just right, this is not a good solution.

What I would like to do is mute a specific CC, in this case expression.

Is this possible?

If it’s not, it should be!


There is no special mute button for the CC lanes. My suggestion would be to use a MIDI insert plugin to filter out the corresponding controller

You could record (or move) your cc data to a new track. Obviously send it to the same MIDI as the used instrument.

This way, it is very easy to temporarily mute, copy, cut, use it on other instruments Etc.

I usually work this way anyway.

The Mute tool (7, then click and drag to mute/unmute) or Shift + M/U also work in the controller lane. This is good for quick checks. Phil’s method is better if you need more control.

The mute tool mutes the notes, not only the controller data

No, it should mute the selected events only. Try using the selection rectangle in the controller lane.

However, muting might not be functional if you’re using ramp events (bézier curves).