Is it possible to overlay audio files and mute what's underneath?

Hi All,

I was having a discussion with Wim on Justins wavelab Facebook page, is it possible to overlay audio and mute what is underneath? I know you can overlap, but the audio is still audible isn’t it?

here’s the scenario, audio has been strip silenced (voice), then mistakes /breaths/noises have been edited out, but room tone wants to be added later (instead of while editing)…on Protools & Reaper and some other DAWs you add your room tone onto another mono track, then overlay all the strip silenced (and edited audio) on top, and it mutes the underneath layer where the voice is (so you don’t have double room tone) and puts small fades to keep it smooth.

can this be achieved using Wavelab? ie. turning off the overlapping audio so we don’t hear both? its not normally my style of editing, but im interested to know if its possible as it would save me going out to a different DAW to do it on those type of jobs

Clips can be manually muted if that helps the situation.

you might have 8000+ edits to go through and manually mute over a long title.
auto-split & using a room tone file is how I would normally go about a strip silence title in WL or use an expander and use that to fill the gaps.

in wavelab it would look like doing this - combining these 2

to this

but Wim would like the orange section top layer to only play, and the grey areas to play in the gaps. WL is set to play everything overlaid? or is there options to change this?

I did a little experimenting and to me it seems like a feature request.

While you can easily copy All Clips from one track to another in one command, I couldn’t find a way for it to omit the audio on the destination track instead of having it play both audio sources, AND apply short crossfades at each overlap.

I’ll try it again later to see if I’m missing something.

Did you consider using the lane feature of WaveLab 11 ?

could use lanes to do the same thing if the end result is achieved sure, it would be a much neater solution

does or could we potentially use lanes to allow the use of the top lane as priority (not play lane 2’s audio while lane 1’s audio is present) and only play lane 2’s audio as a fill track? does it already do this?

An alternative to using lanes is to use the new Ducker system of WaveLab 11.
The track with room tone would be muted automatically when the voice is over it, and the room tone would be bearable in the gaps.
You need two tracks, one for the voice layer, one for the room one layer.


ticked the box for track 2 (tone) to modulate from track 1 (voice), set a good voice threshold with a small hold. seems to work very well, that new ducker is a great alternative PG.