Is it possible to "pick up" a color?


Is it possible to “pick up” a color from an existing part or track in order to use that color elsewhere (e.g. to color another part or track)?

Put another way, I want to set the paint bucket to the color that is currently applied to a given part or track.


Yes, it is. Select COlor Tool, hold down Alt modifier, and move over the event, from which you want to get the color, click.

Thanks for the tip Martin. That’s a new one for me too. It sure would be nice if Steinberg could compile a list of all the tool modifiers on one page then keep it updated! I think default key commands/shortcuts are already posted, but nothing to my knowledge for key modifiers. This is especially important considering all the new C8.5 additions in the drum/key editors for double clicks and holding second click and then doing something with the mouse. I think lot of PT users are missing workflow improvements when in fact they are there…just different modifiers.

One of the differences between clicking “select colors” on the tool bar (vertical color selection) as opposed to using the inspector (horizontal color selection) and clicking on the little arrow is that if you have a larger color palate the horizontal color selection won’t work once the color selection goes off your screen. But using vertical it scrolls properly. It’s a bug that has been mentioned many times prior but users probably won’t be aware until they create a lot of colors or download something like the Irlo pack.

This has been entered as a bug right?

Myself I didn’t know about this bug, and I don’t remember it was entered. I will check it.

Excellent. Thank you!