Is it possible to print out scores in AO in Cubase?

Hi. I’ve managed to download a MIDI file of the full score of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. It has 40 instruments vertically in the score and the largest option there is in Page Set up is something like A2 and it doesnt cover the whole score vertically to print it out.
Is there additional software for Cubase so I can select A0 in Page set up to print out the full score of Tubular Bells?
Richard Steed

You can choose any paper size and it will fit.

Try this for example:
In File>Page Setup set A3 for paper size.
In Score Settings>Layout tab, set size to 50% in Options section.
Then play with Auto Layout, for example Spread Page to begin, and you’ll get all the staves in your page.