Is it possible to quantize markers?

Hi, Is it possible to force existing markers on the marker track to the current quantize value?

After establishing all the sections in a song, I play it and add markers (via a MIDI controller) to all the places where I want a marker. Unfortunately, none of these fall right on a measure boundary, so I have to go back and manually edit each one by hand (which is quite tedious). I tried selecting the markers and quantizing them via the quantize panel, but that didn’t work. And I checked the manual but didn’t find anything relevant. It would be nice to have this functionality.

Interesting suggestion, I think the current answer is no however.

Bummer. But thanks for the reply.

Hej BaseCu

This is easy to do with the PLE - just set it up like this:
Quantize Markers PLE.png

  • Bo

Hey Bo,

Your PLE setup worked great – thanks!

You’ve inspired me to sit down and read the PLE chapter in the manual.


This looks like a great tip! Thanks!

Strange: I tried Bo’s Quantize Markers PLE setup in Cubase 9 Pro, and all Markers go to the beginning of my tune. If I filter only for selected Markers, only selected Markers move to the top of the tune. I’ve confirmed that my MIDI resolution is 120 ticks to a 16th note; I’ve tried different parameter settings, but I can’t figure out where the problem is…

I’ve attached a PLE screenshot. If anyone has any ideas on my problem or other ways to force Markers to the Cubase grid, I’d love to hear 'em!



FYI, the reason Bo’s PLE config didn’t work for me was that my Marker track had to be Musical mode. I had changed the ruler to Bars & Beats, but didn’t think to change the Marker track…

It seems to me that if you have snap on… when move the marker it will only come to rest at one of the snap points. You can always take snap off after you’ve done this.

True: I’ve been manually snapping Markers until now, but I almost always want them on the grid (and I believe Pro Tools automatically places them on grid), so I wanted a quicker, more exact solution.