Is it possible to route a midi track to standalone soft synth

Hi all, I want to know if it is possible or not possible to take the midi output of a recorded midi track in Cubase, and have it act is the midi input of a software synth on the same pc? I can do this easily with external synths but doing it for a standalone software instrument has defeated me. I have a VST (MachFive3) which works completely in standalone mode, but is very buggy as a vst inside Cubase, sometimes causing it to crash. Although I can play the standalone with cubase open and record the audio from it, what I would really like to do is record the midi from the controller keyboard in Cubase and then have this track input to the standalone. (This would allow edited tracks, not just live recording).
The standalone “sees” any keyboard controller at the same time as Cubase and Cubase will record the midi played, and record the audio from the standalone. But I can’t get the standalone subsequently to “see” the recorded midi data to repeat the performance. I do get that it may be called standalone for a reason, but because of the facility to drive external synths wondered if it could do the same for a soft synth’

Any one know if this is possible or not?

You’ll need some sort of MIDI loopback driver to do this. This will allow Cubase to output MIDI to other programs.

They both need to have the same driver so that is your issue i guess.
If i’ve read the question correctly you want to slave MF3 as a standalone program to cubase.
There are a number of ways to get past this, but it depends and if MF3 has no own solution to act as a slave like rewire for instance for direct connection as a standalone vst for cubase then you will have to look on further.

If MF3 fails in cubase you could upload it in another “host” like Vienna, Jbridge, or anything else that hosts vsts and can act as a slave/server to cubase.
Just google vst host and look for what you need. This way the host will connect to cubase with (it’s own) servers, or just act as a slave.

In the past there were things like midiyoke or midi-ox that also could repatch midi-signals.
I didn’t try these for years so maybe anyone else can jump in and shine a more updated light on that.
But even then you will need both using the same audio driver, or combine them with things like f.e. voicemeeter.

But easy workflow it is certainly not going to be.

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Thanks for these quick responses - I’m out of time today but will try and follow up these ideas

I use a program called “loopbe” to do just that.

Thanks SuperG I’ll try that. I downloaded a program called LoopMidi, but so far have not been able to implement it successfully. I think I need to avoid feedback loops of the data, as it quickly goes to CPU 100%

So now I have both LoopBe and LoopMidi installed and working - I just needed to render their virtual in ports inactive in cubase and just have the output port active. Works a treat but with some latency evident. This can be compensated for once the midi track is recorded though. Thanks for the pointers, I think this will mean that a couple of previously underused plug-in instruments can be used this way.