Is it possible to save as a whole mix?

… with all the effects, inserts, fader levels on all the channels ?
I cannot find such a function in Cubase 7.
Is it hidden somewhere or it doesn’t exist?
Thanks :confused:

Use “Export…” :confused:

Well… :slight_smile: I know that one, we have all been using that for years now.
The problem is that exporting a mixdown create one file but it wouldn’t be nice and handy to SAVE AS a whole mix or 99 versions of a mix to be able to quickly compare different sounds of a large mix?
Up to now I’ve been saving different mixes as different projects but hey /// is not that easy to compare and see hundred of different settings in different projects.
I am wandering, if is possible to save the setting of a single channel why not save as with as name all the channels
Am I dreaming ?
Thanks Stainberg, Cubase 7 is great .
PK :question:

Sorry. I misunderstood your question. I guess (especially once you start using automation) saving as a new project is the best way (currently).

FYI, this forum is for posting about bugs and broken stuff. The right place for your question is the general forum. You’ll also get more folks reading it there than here, and thus a better chance of getting a helpful response. :wink: