Is it possible to save default mixer channel settings?

I always want the strip [gate, comp, tools etc] before inserts and with the strip, I always want EQ before Compression. Is there a way to set this up as my default mixer configuration order?

I tried saving my configuration for one channel and saving it as a track preset but I can’t load single presets across multiple channels which means I’m stuck having to load the track preset one by one.

Is what I’m asking possible?

Thanks in advance for any input.

Well you could set it up how you want & then save that as a template. Of course if you then add additional channels you’ ll need to change its settings to your preferred, or use a preset.

Shame you can’t set up default behaviour for new channels. Just going to use copy paste mixer settings and save as template as you suggested.

You can save a channel configuration as a track preset. Use the Add Audio Track command to add channels. Click on the Browse button. Select the track preset you saved. Enter the number of tracks you want to add in the Count box. You will need to save separate stereo and mono track presets.