Is it possible to save Group Channels with Multi Outs Vsti?


I know we can save group channels as track presets and I know we can save multi vsti outs channel as track presets but has anyone been been able to save a configuration of both types as a track preset or even an Mixconsole configuration. If so, how please…?

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I don’t even bother with the track presets- what I do is select the instruments, groups, fx, audio channels that I want to save for a later date, delete the events on the tracks (Make sure you DO NOT hit “save”), go to File>Export>Export selected tracks. it’ll retain all of the routing and fx if you do it this way; presets are useless to me and “save selected mixer channels” are a quick way to do a few channels at a time but usually don’t retain routing.

Thank you for your reply.

I have actually been using the Track Archive for this purpose but it’s not perfect. I was hoping that the newly updated track presets (which now includes FX’s & Group channels) might allow this but as usual Steinberg still has some way to go to complete another of it’s great features…

Hopefully something like Pro Tools’ “Import Session Data” isn’t too far off.

I got to this conclusion yesterday night, … never had used track archive, track presets would be the way to go (has i described in the request: Steinberg Forums
but since i can’t wait for this feature to be finished i 'll try with track archive. By the way Track presets aren’t working with groups and fx i think.