is it possible to save multi track FX channels ?

im trying to save multi track FX channels with C 8.5 but seems its not possible yet ?
most of the time i use the same set of Fx channels and tweak slightly for each project, but i want to save them all and load them all in one go to use in new projects and also in projects that are already exist.
is it possible at least from import data from project ? (not in front of cubase for 2 days !! )

Can’t you export selected tracks and them import from track archive? Or did they replace this function now?


There is the direct import tracks from project since Cubase 8.5. But this works for the Audio, MIDI and Instrument tracks only. As far as I know also the Track Archive doesn’t handle FX tracks. Or am I wrong?

track archive can handle FX tracks as well as keep the routing.