Is it possible to search for names of flows, etc.?

I am working on an opera, with many flows, over a number of ‘projects’.
Characteristically I jumped right in, composing with a fiery heat, failing to have a consistent system to organize it all.
I should like to be able to find which flow is in which project without opening and searching them all.
Is it possible to search for words which occur as flow-titles, or as lyrics, or as text either within Dorico, or somehow via OSX? If not, could it be made so (without compromising the security/integrity of the files)?
Oh, and seeing as I wish for the moon, an automatic incipit generator would not go amiss :wink:

You can (re)name each flow. Would that help?
Just double-click on the Flow name to change it.
And for Incipits, see…

If you rename the flows, you can scan them fairly easily for a single project in Setup mode.

If you have several projects, it might be worth using the low-tech solution of creating a text file containing all the information in one place!

We can’t judge the tradeoff between spending some non-composing time sorting this out now, and living with the (presumably ever-growing) muddle for the rest of the project, though.

I hope that we will be able to build a Spotlight plug-in for Dorico projects in future so that you can search for text inside them using Spotlight on macOS (and I guess similar functions are available on Windows somewhere, too). But I’m afraid this is unlikely to be something we do in the short term.

Thanks for these suggestions. I’m going to have to be a bit more organized, it seems. Especially thanks to Daniel, since things being Spotlight-searchable is something to very much look forward to. I have little doubt that all of the available people are already ferociously concentrating on their specialty priorities. Sleep and other kinds of respite can aid thought and creativity too, they say :slight_smile: