Is it possible to see all the empty measures in write mode?

Often when I’m composing or arranging I like to get the layout issues attended to first. I have a piece which will have 3 flows. I’ve gotten the 1st flow all done and engraved just as I want it, so I would like to keep the layout for that flow locked. Starting on flow 2 I have reached a point where I have entered about 16 bars of music in write mode and would like to layout all the remaining empty measures with repeats/endings in the right places before I continue in write mode. I have two problems to solve, so I will create two topics.
My first question is “can I see all the empty measures in write mode” without seeing either “tacet until end” or a multi-rest with the measure count above it. Coming from Sibelius I always could see all the measures in a piece showing as empty measures making the creation of endings and repeats before entering the music.
Is this possible in Dorico 4 Pro?

Yes, this is easy in Dorico. Whether your layout displays multi-bar rests is in Layout Options > Players > Bar rests and Multi-bar rests. Set Consolidate to ‘none’. Whether a multi-bar rest at the end of a flow is shown as Tacet al fine is in Engraving Options (Dorico Pro only) > Rests > Multi-bar Rests.
As a matter of fact, when I start entering a new piece, I also like to set up the ‘scaffolding’ first: I create all empty bars until the end, insert the global key, meter and tempo changes, repeats and other special barlines, and rehearsal marks. This greatly reduces errors when inputting the actual music.

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Thank you for this reply – I’ll be working with Dorico again later today and will use your information.

This is a great forum!

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You may want to set a Key Command for Toggle Bar Consolidation to make this change quick and easy.

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Thank you – that is one area of Dorico I know I’ll need to dive into soon to make the program much more manageable for me.