Is it possible to shorten the standard crossfade?

i can´t find a way to shorten the standard-crossfade ( key-x ) . Is it possible to change the lenght ?
I just need a very smal crossfade and have lots of edits to do.

The X-fade always uses the overlapping area.
Lesser overlap, shorter cross-fade.

Thanks for your respond.
The point is that i have a macro to reduce breath noise. It works fine, but what i´, trying to add is a crossfade before and after the lowered Clip. Spend some hours to figure it out with no luck unfortunatly.
Do you know a way to add these crossfade to the lowered clip ?
Thank you!!!

Double click on the crossfade. in the crossfade editor shorten the crossfade. Click on “As Standard”. Select the clips with the cuts. Apply crossfade.

Hi Wolfger,

thank you so much! It works perfeclty! I always looked at the Auto-Fade Settings.
Thank you!!!

Great! Autofades are non visible fades applied in the background automatically if activated.

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These are no cross-fades, btw. Fade in and fade out.
Then it makes sense to change the length.
But wolfger provided the answer already.

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