Is it possible to sidechain more than 1 multiband compressor in Cubase 10?

I have cubase 8 but when I post this question in the forum nobody replies to me. There is nothing in the manual from what I can see. Can someone please explain to me if it is possible to sidechain more than one multiband compressor and if this function works in Cubase 8, Cubase 9 or Cubase 10? thank you

You can of course sidechain more than 1 Multiband compressor.
Maybe if you explain in a comprehensive way, what exactly you are trying to do, with which Software, someone will be able to give you a comprehensible answer…

Svennilenni is right.
For a example if you are trying to sidechain a 3nd party multiband compressor, you must be sure that this compressor supports sidechaining.