Is it possible to unlock all of the keyboard for Iconica sketch?


This note(E♭4) does not play because it is above the range provided by Iconica Sketch’s Horns sample selection.

Is it possible to unlock the rest of the range and have cubase automatically pitch a sample up to E♭, or are there any alternatives I can try to achieve this note?

It is not Cubase, it is the plugin Halion (Sonic) that is putting this restriction on.
AFAIK there is no way to change it.

If you only occasionally need 1 or 2 notes above, you can sample the highest note with the sampler track.
But it is some work so not to practical.

Hi Gromoggoy,
I have posted it before, that in the upper register some instruments are missing range. Not only the horns. Maybe Steinberg can adjust this?

You can shift the keyboard range down an octave or so using the triangle icon on the top right of the plugin keyboard, but you still can not use the midi keys when visually shifted, you can play the notes with the mouse; but you can not play the notes with the midi keyboard. Makes no sense.

*However I did figure out that under the **MIDI tab you can make some adjustments under the transpose +/- and High Key & Low Key Options. This helps, but dos not fix the underlying issue. And it did for the Percussion I was trying to get the low B key to hit the bass drum which was grayed out and only hit-able with the mouse, even though it was white. So, I made Low key C#2 and High key G8. Shifts it some. Ideally this is plugin made for a 88K Midi. I have a 61K and it doesn’t play well.

Another problem is I have the instrument window selected to stay on top, it will not for instruments, so that is really frustrating. If I click out of the app, like now to post this in a browser the instrument window vanishes until I go back to CB. So, I have to flip flop back and forth to accurately describe what I did and what the selections and tweaks are. . . Not cool!

What needs to happen is a savable keyboard format menu need to be made connected CB app wide to midi, whereas you can select the dedault keyboard type and size. IE: Roland Fantom 88K or Novation 25K or mapper with standard & programmable options whatnot. In fact this should be a track selection button option per instrument, with the ability to have a default ICON and DROPDOWN to select other workstation CH1 -CH16+ This drop down selection needs to be on every per track, like CakeWalk. CakeWalk has the best solution for this overall feature. I have pulled my hair out to find this triangle icon, no documentation btw, to find that it shifts visually but does NOT activate the keys you see. I will note that the effects in orange are programmable by double clicking the KEY Signature, then pressing the key you want to move it too. . . So, I did manage to move the signature select keys up an octave to keys that would enable them on the midi keyboard. . . It would be impossible to use my right hand on my ergonomic right hand mouse and play midi right handed and make the signature changes otherwise. Not well thought out in a real world application.
I have not tried to program my pad to this to use faders and dials, but I have a feeling it will be limited, or won’t work. If it does work, I may be able to assign many function to the pad, you the midi KB at the same time. Ain’t got that far yet with CB13p. Iffy at best right now…

Overall this issue needs focused, detailed attention to make user friendly, and DOCUMENTED. I hope this helps some, this is the only post I have found on the subject and really didn’t help that much. But, I hope this gets some attention at Steinberg and HALion.