Is it possible to use a plugin for master metering?


Is it possible to use a plugin for master metering? I have Waves Dorrough meters that I’d like to use but can’t find a way to meter after a dithering plugin such as the Waves L3-LL multi.

Any ideas?

Assumption here is that metering before dithering is not good enough; the usual slots do not suffice? :neutral_face:

Are you expecting ‘burst anomalies’ during dithering?

There’s no assumption about it, metering before the dithering plugin slot is not sufficient. I don’t see a way to meter after it with preferred plugin metering.

By your comment, you’re not familiar with the L3-LL. In short it’s a multi-band comp, with a brick wall and dithering that attaches itself in the dither plugin slot. Having a preferred plugin for master metering and loudness before the dither plugin slot in this case doesn’t do me any good unless I can tell Wavelab to use a particular plugin slot as the last in the chain.

You can edit this settings:
Options/PlugIn Organization/check “Eff” for inclusion in PlugIn setting menus

I’ll check this out ASAP, thanks.

You sir, are the man, THANK YOU!