Is it possible to use more than 1 instance of a SoftSynth?

Halion SE allows me to use 16(?) different sounds for 1 instance of Halion SE, but as far as I know, NI Absynth 4 is only set up for a single sound. Is there a way for me to use more than 1 track of NI Absynth with different sounds, or will this cause a crash somehow? (I’d like do this this with other soft synths as well, such as U-he’s Zebra…)

Example: On track 1, I’d like to use NI A4 with a violin sound. On track 2, I’d like to use NI A4 with a drum sound. etc…

I’ve never had problems opening more than one instance of a VI in Cubase.

Just try it and see what happens?

Absynth is a different beast than Halion SE, which is multimbral, able to play on sixteen different channels( I assume).
Absynth can only play one channel at a time. What you need to do is load another instance of Absynth and use whatever preset you want, then another if you want three Absynth sounds, etc.

Sure thing. I do it all the time with mono timbral synths like Albino, FM8 etc…

Awesome, thanks for everyone’s replies. I think I tried it using my old DAW and it caused a lot of errors somehow. I’ll definitely be giving it a try now. I just assumed it wasn’t possible or that I would need to have certain settings set up first…

As far as I know there can be problems when opening more than one instance of a synthedit plug (vsti) dunno what other compilers face, issue wise, regarding more than one instance. :wink:

I was finally able to get home and test it out. So far I have 3 instances of absynth 4, 3 instances of Zebra, 1 instance of TranceDrive, 1 instance of Bass Station, 1 instance of Battery 3 and 1 instance of Triange II playing all at the same time. (and the VST performance dilly is just barely passing the first notch!)

Mind = Blown

It’s no wonder… that system you have ROCKS!!!

Use VST Instrument tracks for Stereo VSTi’s