Is it possible to use MOTIF XS8 and Maschine MK2 together?

Hi all,

My primary environment is Cubase 7 with a Yamaha MOTIF XS8. I’m using the 1394/Firewire transport between the two which utilizes the Steinberg FW ASIO driver to surface the various audio channels from the XS8 to Cubase. I also use the VX8 VSTi plug-in for managing the XS8 and all is (mostly) good.

I’m looking at getting a NI Maschine MK2. I see that it uses USB as its physical transport and also supports ASIO among others. One thing that I want to do is to use it to control Groove Agent One, among other purely software-based VSTs. However, I’d also like to be able to utilize the MK2’s sampler as well. And that is where my main question lies…

Hopefully there is someone on here with a similar setup that can answer how the MK2’s VST plug-in surfaces the audio from the device.

Does the MK2’s VST surface the audio in a way similar to other purely software-based VSTs such as the HALion Sonic SE? Or does it rely upon a similar scheme as the MOTIF XS8 where all audio is surfaced via the ASIO driver selected in the “VST Audio System” settings of “Device Setup”? If it is the latter, then I’d be screwed since Cubase can only use one ASIO device at a time which would make it a pain in the ass to work on a project that needs both devices. Also, if it is the latter, ASIO4All would not be a solution since I’ve already tried that to solve a similar problem and it did not work out for me since ASIO4All didn’t give me any luvin.

Can anyone with a Maschine MK2 answer this for me?